Support Groups

The NAMI Support Group model operates differently than other, more traditional “share-and-care” groups. The NAMI Support Group model offers a set of key structures and group processes for facilitators to use in common support group scenarios. These structures come with clear guidelines to follow; used together, they encourage full group participation in support group meetings. The structures of the new model feel comfortable for both seasoned and less-experienced facilitators because they guide the support group along in every situation.

The NAMI Support Group model is not just for Family-to-Family Education course graduates, nor is it just for family members. It is a model that can be used by any NAMI support group. Please take time to review the list of groups below to find out more…

  • Basic Support Groups – For parents/caregivers of children and adolescents, 19 and younger (who are still in school) who have mental health concerns.
  • Family Support Groups – For parents/family/friends/caregivers of adults who have mental health concerns.
  • NAMI Connection – For individuals who have mental health diagnoses/concerns.
  • Local Support Groups – Support groups facilitated by other local organizations.