Sharing Hope

 About Sharing Hope…

Sharing Hope

Mental Illness affects one in four adults in America. These rates are the same for African Americans but the context may not be.

As many studies have highlighted, limited mental illness educational opportunities and high levels of stigma prevent many members of this community from accessing mental health support.

NAMI’s Multicultural Action Center has created Sharing Hope to help increase available knowledge and resources about mental health

Within African American communities.

Initiative Goals…

Building positive and lasting relationships with African American communities

Increase understanding and awareness of mental health recovery by sharing lived experiences of people with mental illness and their family members

Address mental health stigma in the African American community by providing science-based information on mental illness

Foster dialogue within predominantly African American community groups about mental illness and support for individuals with these illnesses and their families.

Welcome African American communities to NAMI education and support programs.


A practical coordination guide for successful implementation of partnership-building and educational programming efforts

A 60-minute interactive presentation focusing primarily on experiences of the presentation team with personal connects to mental health issues and a discussion-based activity with a companion booklet, A family Guide to Mental Health: What You Need to Know

Checklists, practice sheets and other helpful materials included to assist the individuals working with this initiative.