A Mental Illness Unhappy Ending, Difficult Questions

By Evelyn Donnell … “The doctors just don’t know what’s the matter with me,” he said, “and it’s a cop-out by saying it’s mental trouble. There’s nothing the matter with my head.” Our story does not have a happy ending, but in the telling maybe someone will find some help or consolation. Mental Instability, Yet Read More »

Tragedies Spark Talk, But More Awareness Needed

By Anonymous … The January shooting in a Florida airport by an individual who had schizophrenia brought to mind the many other tragedies that have happened because of individuals with mental illness. And such tragedies do create a certain level of national awareness. But not all the tragedies make the evening news. Indeed, such events Read More »

Managing Depression as a New Mom

By Bianca Chapman … As a first-time mom, I felt ecstatic about my pregnancy and the idea of having the ideal new mom experience. Depression robbed me of that. But the less-than-ideal journey has taken my daughter and I to a good place anyway. Mind you, I tried. I ate plenty of kale, walnuts and Read More »

Telling the Story “In Our Own Voice”

By Mike Eisenbath … Donna, my wife, and I went through the “In Our Own Voice: Living With Mental Illness” presentation training in early 2015. Since then, we have shared our story as a couple about 18 times as representatives of the St. Louis affiliate of the National Alliance on Mental Illness. I have given Read More »

NAMI Provides Much-Needed Aid In Crisis

By KC … Sometimes, maybe all the time, the diagnosis of a mental illness can feel like your worst, most frightening nightmare. I found out that NAMI can help ease the after-effect of that tough-to-explain bad dream. On a dark, mild, peaceful October night after visiting my family, I was driving home when I saw Read More »

Recovery from the “Beast”: Rocky, but Possible

By Joe DiGiovanni … The memory seems surreal to me now: One Sunday in the winter of 2011, I sat on my bed filling out a formal separation request online. The act would have shattered almost 21 years of marriage. The “beast” of my mental illness appeared to have finally broken me down. Luckily, my Read More »

Relief When Depression Reaches a Fever Pitch

By Bianca Chapman … One Saturday night a couple of years ago, the depression and voices in my head reached a fever pitch. I looked over to my phone and thought of reaching out for help. Who could I call? I eventually decided to call my church pastor. Despite the time — 8 o’clock at Read More »

Navigating Holidays With Mentally Ill Loved Ones

By KC … We just made it through another holiday season. Often at that time of year, the question is asked, “How do we balance hosting parties in our home when our mentally ill loved one’s illness is in overdrive?” Unless violent behavior is a factor, my advice is to reduce your expectations of a Read More »

Mental Illness, Criminal Justice: My Bright Side

By Sharon Lyons … We, NAMI advocates, have problems with the criminal justice system. But when I look back, that system and my mental illness pushed me (fearfully) toward a psychiatrist who helped. That psychiatrist diagnosed me with schizophrenia in 1994 after I was charged with two crimes that very tough year. I will always mark Read More »

Welcome to the NAMI St. Louis Blog…Are you interested in submitting an article?

Mike Eisenbath, NAMI St. Louis Board Member,   volunteered to take the lead on this project.  Please let him know if you are interested in writing for NAMI St. Louis. We also seek a name for this new blog and Mike will also take those suggestions. If you would like to tackle this, here are a Read More »