Family-to-Family Evaluation

F2F Participant Evaluation

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    Recognize the signs and symptoms of mental illness.
    Understand the type of services people with mental illness need.
    Understand what 'living in recovery' means as it relates to mental illness.
    Manage crises that may result from symptoms of mental illness.
    Manage the stresses and negative impacts that the stigma of mental illness may cause.
    Access the care and support services that I or my family member need.
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    I see the symptoms of the mental illness as separate from the person who has the mental illness.
    I do not believe mental illness is anyone's fault.
    Individuals have a right and an obligation to actively engage and question their treatment provider.
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    This program was helpful for me.
    I have learned information that was new to me.
    The leaders of this program communicated effectively.
    The written materials were useful to me.
    I would recommend this program to others.