NAMI St. Louis sponsors several public events annually. These events are used to educate the St. Louis communities about mental illness and recovery. We say it is to helps eliminate stigma. Stigma is unfounded fear of something in our lives that dictates some of our behaviors. Thus NAMI St. Louis believe that knowledge from a reliable educational process can dispel the unfound fear of mental illness. This basic change in our beliefs about mental illness can change our attitudes toward those with mental illness which in turn changes our behaviors associated with living with, communicating with and helping those with mental illness.

NAMI St. Louis Events includes

·       Wine & Cheese Tasting Evening usually in March
·       NAMI Walks in May each year
·       NAMI Night at the Ball Park with discounted ticket from the Cardinals Baseball Team
·       A Square Dance or Trivia Night or Iris Society Social Evening
·       NAMI Gala in November each year

NAMI St. Louis occasionally partners with other Social Service agencies to co-host a special event.