In Our Own Voice

Two trained In Our Own Voice speakers share compelling and personal testimonies of living with and overcoming the challenges posed by mental illness.  Audience participation and discussion are encouraged, and a brief video with a variety of stories accompanies the presentation.  By broadening people’s knowledge of mental illness, we replace mis-understanding, fear, and judgement with insight, awareness, and acceptance.  The In Our Own Voice presentation can be adapted to meet the special needs of the audience upon request.

Who benefits from In Our Own Voice:

  • Human resource departments and corporations
  • Health care providers
  • Law Enforcement professionals
  • Faith communities
  • Consumer groups
  • Students
  • Any community or civic organization

Each In Our Own Voice is:

  • a 90 minute presentation
  • offered FREE of charge
  • delivered to a variety of audiences
  • follows a structured format covering issues frequently faced by those dealing with mental illness

To register to become an IOOV speaker please fill out the IOOV Application.

If you have any questions, would like to schedule a presentation for a group or need additional information contact us at 314-962-4670 or