Upcoming Meetings

NAMI St. Louis Legislative Network

The Legislative Network provides a venue for individuals to learn about issues of concern in our communities and to come together and advocate for the well-being of those who struggle with mental illness. The Legislative Network offers opportunities to learn about issues related to mental illness that are being debated in the local, state, and federal governments and to communicate with elected officials who make laws and policies that have an impact on Missouri citizens. We host meetings, coordinate legislative activities, write articles for NAMI St. Louis newsletter and email legislative action alerts and updates. To sign up for the Legislative Network, contact Jackie Hudson, Director of Advocacy at jhudson@namistl.org or 314-775-1600.

Upcoming Advocacy Meetings:

The Legislative Network meets twice a year; once in early January or February to discuss upcoming issues regarding mental illness being debated in the Missouri State Legislature and then again in May or June after the Legislature ends to discuss what happened and what we still need to do in the near future.   The next meeting is:

Coming soon…