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February 2, 2017


Nathaniel Ayers may not yet be a household name in classical music, but you surely know who he is. The prodigy’s story was depicted in the 2009 film “The Soloist” by actor Jamie Foxx. It was Los Angeles Times columnist Steve Lopez who discovered Ayers in 2005 and originally wrote a book about him, by the same title.

Lopez joined St. Louis on the Air on Monday to discuss his friendship with Ayers and how that is Read More

    Diane Duke Williams | January 6th, 2017

    Many people with psychiatric problems want to quit smoking, but psychiatrists and caseworkers typically don’t prescribe medications to help them or refer them to services aimed at smoking cessation, researchers find.

    Among American adults who have a serious mental illness such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or clinical depression, 57 percent are smokers. In contrast, only 15 percent of US adults overall smoke.

    “Patients with serious mental illness die an average of 25 years younger than people Read More

    By Laura Greenstein | Jan. 30, 2017

    Have you ever had a conversation with someone that tempted you to open up about something incredibly personal, but you hesitated due to the fear of that person’s reaction? Were you worried that telling them would alter their perception of you? Many people experience this feeling as they attempt to determine whether or not to be forthright about their symptoms and their struggle.

    If you are considering opening up about your mental health condition, here Read More

    January 31 Kelly Burch

    Many of Christine Walker’s friends are just starting to help their teenage children plan to leave home, whether for a job, college or a gap year. But Walker’s 16-year-old son Schuyler has already lived away from his family for seven years, spending nearly half his life in residential treatment programs and schools for children with severe mental illness.

    “When Schuyler was 7, that was when I had tried absolutely everything — every pill, every doctor, every diet, every therapy, Read More

    At their last meeting of the year, St. Louis County Board officials voted to approve the 2017 budget – totaling $387,159,183;  that figure includes an 8.5% tax levy increase to property owners.

    One of the major drivers for the increase was an increase in spending for children and family services.  According to County Administrator Kevin Gray, three significant costs drove the budget higher:  increased Health and Human Service impacts, costs of record numbers of children in out-of-home placements, Read More

    Can bringing the joy of travel, discovery, and old memories to people who can’t experience them firsthand combat the physical and mental affects of loneliness and isolation?

    Ninety-two-year-old Estelle Paris has never been to France, but on a warm day this past June, she slipped on a virtual reality headset, which allowed her to meander through streets by the Louvre, pop over to Mont Saint-Michel abbey 230 miles away, stop by Times Square in New York City, and journey underwater, just Read More

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